Freitag, 16. März 2012

 ein neuer Detektor:

 aus den USA

der all-in one Fledermaus-Detektor und Rekorder

Echo Meter EM3 Ultrasonic Recorder

 kostet mit Fracht nach Deutschland

(DHL worldwide) $1,115.11 - umgerechnet ca. 854 Euro 

dazu noch Umsatzsteuer 19%  ca. 162 Euro

und eventuell noch Zoll:

Der zu zahlende Zollbetrag ergibt sich aus dem Zollwert der Ware und dem entsprechenden Zollsatz. Der Zollwert wird nach den allgemeinen zollwertrechtlichen Vorschriften ermittelt.


The Echo Meter EM3 is the latest addition to the Wildlife Acoustics product family. This active handheld bat detector and recorder is easy to hold, lightweight and requires no additional hardware. Customers can:
  • Monitor bat calls with headphones or the built-in speaker.
  • Record 16-bit full spectrum in our compressed WAC format or record an individual WAV file for each bat pass.
  • Optionally, record files compatible with Titley Scientific™ AnaBat™ sequence files for analysis in
    AnaLookW™. No conversion needed!
  • While recording, simultaneously listen to bat calls in the method of your choice: Heterodyne, Frequency Division or our patent pending Real Time Expansion.
  • Built-in real-time spectrogram displays current and recent bat passes in expanded or compressed
    mode to see a history of bat calls.
    • Zoom in and out of the vertical and horizontal axis of the spectrogram for recently heard
      bat calls while continuing to monitor and record.
  • Playback bat calls in Time Expansion mode at the desired speed to hear details of the call.
  • Set preferences to the most flexible heterodyne detector on the market:
    • Auto-Het feature automatically selects the frequency based on the call dynamics.
    • Program up to four frequency presets to rapidly tune into a bat call.
    • Fine tune any frequency setting with easy to use button navigation.
  • Categorize or tag a bat call in real-time in one of four categories to facilitate post processing.
  • User selectable sample rate of 256kHz or 384kHz.
  • Capture voice notes and bat passes in the same trigger for direct correlation.
  • Optional GPS accessory maps bat signal to location.


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